Silent Film

Written and performed by Sacha Yanow
Dramaturge: Cassie Peterson
2013-2016 (in development)

Conceived as a “historical fantasy”, Silent Film is a live solo performance which follows the Little Vamp, (a vampire/clown/silent-film-star), and her struggles with a mysterious, melancholic fog – a disconnection from herself. Drawing from silent cinema’s physicality and visual language, early Hollywood lesbian legends, classic phantom stories, and Yanow’s own experiences as a child actor, the piece illuminates “ghosts” of things unseen, unheard or unfelt in both personal family mythology and queer/feminist history.

 "...a fortified example of how much can be achieved onstage with a single body, a spotlight, and audio. Immediately engaging…”-Velvet Park

Silent Film was supported by a development residency at Dixon Place, 2014

Crossing the Fog with Sacha Yanow -Interview with Velvet Park

Movement Research Fall Festival Fall 2013
Movement Research at Judson Church
SOMA, Mexico City, March 2015
Dixon Place September 2014
Greenwood Cemetery as part of MAPP International's Dark Wonderland Festival, June 2015
The Lab 24 Hour Telethon, San Francisco, CA, October 2015
Pieter, Los Angeles, October 2015
Heels on Wheels: Opentoe Peepshow, The Branded Saloon, Brooklyn
The Bureau, New York
Adult Contemporary organized by Katie Brewer Ball and Svetlana Kitto, New York.